Saya mau pee pee at Made's Warung in Kuta Bali

Yesterday afternoon after returning to Kuta from the Discovery Mall, I stopped into good old Made’s Warung. This joint has been going since the 70’s and is famous with Bali visitors. Their menu includes, Indonesian, Balinese and western dishes. Running in I saw one of the bench seats next to the street was empty. Great! I though, I’ll sit here and check out the street life.

My bladder was already at exploding point so I walked to the rear and made a donation to the Kuta water table. Returning to the counter I asked for a Bintang and was told they only served Heineken. The price was 19,000rp, which I didn’t fancy. ‘Itu mahal’ I said, smiling. Oh well maybe next time. As I got close to the street the waiter raced up to me and asked for 3,000rp, for using the toliet. I hope he likes being on my website.
I can understand Made’s not wanting every swimsuit wearing ‘bule’ from the beach coming in, but I have used this restaurant a hundred times. Oh well, I paid and was good vibes about it, but remember, taking a lash can cost in some places.