Saturday night dinner at Warung Italia Seminyak

Ika and I rode over to Warung Italia on Jl. Kunti tonight as she requested that place. Her brother Awang looked after Jevon for 15 minutes while we rode over and got take away. I always offer Awang food but he is shy and usually refuses.

Warung Italia has expanded as mentioned recently and does some decent food at knock down prices. They have dishes for 8,000rp! There is also a selection of pre-made stuff like lasagna and items I couldn’t identify. Italian food is a mystery to me so I won’t bother bullshitting about it. We picked a couple of items, me getting something like peppers with stuff on and a salad, Ika chicken mushrooms and another dish. It was good and cost 34,000rp. Pretty good if you are on a budget.

Warung Italia is located next to the Bottle Shop on Jl. Kunti.