Padangbai: Beaches close by

Padangbai has 2 other good beaches close by. The first, Blue Lagoon, is accessed by heading to the far left of the main beach and hiking 10 minute up and over the hill, dropping down onto a white sand beach with a couple of warungs. This is a good place to snorkel and dive boats come here. You might want to hire a boat to take you snorkeling for safety. The second beach is called Pantai Kecil (small beach) and is located on the other side of the ferry terminal. You can’t see it from the main beach and the only way I knew it was there was by taking the ferry to Lombok, looking back and seeing it.

This beach is accessed by walking through town round the back of the ferry terminal, up the hill and down to the beach. From downtown it takes 15 minutes. Here you will find several warungs, a pleasant beach with yellow / white sand and some beach vendors.