Padangbai Bali

Padangbai is the ferry port to Lombok. Located on the SE coast, you can get there in about 2 hours from Kuta by taking the coastal Bypass from Sanur. A decade ago Padangbai was fairly busy. I remember being there in 1993 and every guest house was full of foreign backpackers. I stayed at the large A-frame guest house at the fr end of the beach. That place is still standing, but is out of business.

The main beach of Padangbai, where all the guest houses are located, is accessed by driving either through the ferry terminal, or behind the block of shops, immediately in front of the terminal. The beach is used for fishing boats and there are many beach side warungs. Guests houses charge 50,000rp a night or thereabouts, for a bamboo, cold water, fan room. Mosquito nets are usually provided.

You will be offered things to buy about 50 times a day in Padangbai, with sarong vendors and massage ladies going for their only option. Persistence sometimes pays off, which can be annoying when you are trying to relax, but once you get to know them they back off bit.