Lightening tour of Kuta night spots

Wednesday night I rode downtown around 9pm to take a lightening tour of some nighlife places.

The most popular tourist spots for drinking and partying are Paddy’s Bounty, MBarGo, Fuel. When I arrived these places were fairly empty. Paddy’s sits on Jl. Legian, and right behind it is Bounty Shop, built in the shape of a galleon. Bounty has a sit down area ar ground level with live music and some old pool tables. I ordered a drink and checked them out. These place have drink specials and serve large containers of sugary flavoured alcohol. 2 for 1 is the go here and for 20,000rp I got 2 small Bintangs at 2 different bars.
Bounty ship gets busy and roudy later on, when the jungle juice has had a chance to dull the senses. Around 10.30 things started to liven up. I saw small groups of Euro’s and single Aussies out and about.
MBarGo is a modern bar/ dance club and lounge. I tried to enter but was stopped by security. They looked at my helmet and said I couldn’t take it in. I asked them what I was supposed to do with it and the kid said “You put in on your motorbike.” Everyone in Bali knows how long my helmet would last on my motorbike, about as long as it took the guy and his buddies to walk down the street and cut the strap. I told him I could not do that. “My friend here says he will guard it for you,” he said, pointing to another security guard, “if you give him money.” “Screw this jack.” I said.
Little shakedowns happen all over the place and the owners of MBarGo probably don’t know or don’t care. The place rakes in money.
My quick assessment is that selected palces in Kuta get busy at night. Drinks are relatively cheap, compared to Seminyak. Maybe there are not the large groups of Aussies right now, but people are till out late.