Duvel: A real Belgian beer at Street Life Bali in Seminyak

Sunday night I visited Luca at Street Life Bali on Jl. Oberoi. Luca tells me he has been getting a decent late night crowd and has been expanding his line of beers. The latest addition (addiction) is Duvel from Belgium. At 8.5 on the richter scale, this will rock your boat. Luca slowly poured me one and explained that in Belgium, as in Germany, people like their beer with a head on it. After he poured the Duvel, the foam climbed and looked like ice cream. The taste is deceptive. Initially I thought I could drink a bunch of these, but after sipping away for a while my opinion changed.

A very nice drink though. Duvels are not for people on a budget, or for people who like to drink 20 beers a night. At 40,000rp and 8.5% alcohol, they are really for someone who likes a real beer, one real beer!
Visit Luca at Street Life Bali and get the inside scoop on Belgian beer and where to eat on Jl. Oberoi.
Street Life Bali
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