Double D: A cool sports bar in Legian Bali

Looking around for a sports bars with a big screen, that would work with the morning light, I remembered that last year I went down to Double D on Jl. Legian. Double D has a streetside bar and restaurant. Its located next to Star Surf, is open 24 hours and is popular with Aussies. Downstairs they have a big screen inside and as I arived at 9am I was fearing a riot if I asked to change the channel from cricket. Upstair was another big screen and not only did they have ESPN, they were able to show a different channel than downstairs.

As I sat down the game had just started. Feeling the excitement I ordered a big breakfast for around 30,000rp which included a fruit plate, juice, pot of coffee and a plate of eggs and other stuff. The best thing about Double D was I got to watch the entire game uninterupted! My team lost, but being a good sport, I always appreciate a great contest. We had a great contest in the Rose Bowl today and I am glad I saw it.
Double D will be a great place to watch the cricket, rugby and World Cup soccer later in the year.