Discovery Shopping Mall in Tuban Bali

Discovery Mall opened last year and construction on it is still going on. The blue canopy and tile work still being done. If you have been to Discovery Mall before and saw those large white pillars, well those now support most of the open-air canopy, providing welcome shade. There are now steps extending close to the beach and a kids playground of inflatable structures. The beachside area features cafe and bars, the inside of the mall mostly clothes / surfing shops.

The first thing that hits you when you walk into Discovery Mall from the main street, is the smell of bread, or shall I say dough. Sugared dough is one concept that has spread around the world, and like crack to crackheads, this stuff is irresistable to shoppers. If I ask Indonesians if the they like bread, they’ll all say no. Take them to a mall with sugared dough and they just have to have it.
Discovery Mall is ideally located to make bank, if the owners pack it with ‘bule friendly’ merchandise. They already have Starbucks and Pizza Hut. That together with the ‘sugared dough’ and $30 surf shorts should entertain the kids for a good 2 hours.
For visitors to Bali, you will find good quality goods in this shopping center. Everything has a price tag and prices are non-negotiable. I bought a very nice sarong one time from the batik store on the ground floor.