Denpasar: Bali’s only municipality

Denpasar means ‘by the market’ and is Bali only real city. Denpasar is home to Balinese people from all over the island who work in Kuta and in the late afternoon the roads leading to Denpasar are choked with traffic.

For a Javanese person Denpasar is home from home. I’ve been told that tere is a real community feeling there and people look after each other. I’ve also been told that Kuta is not like that, although there are still many people from Java living there.

My guidebook says ” Bali’s capital has been the focus of a lot of the island’s growth and wealth over the last 4 decades, and now has much of the hustle and congestion of many of the fast growing cities in Asia, without any of the first world infrastructure. There are still tree- lined streets and some pleasant gardens, but the traffic, noise and pollution, can make it dificult to enjoy. A limite range of accommodation is available, so naturally most visitors ind it convenient to stay in Kuta, Legian, Sanur or Ubud, and visit Denpasar as a day trip. Denpasar might not be a tropical paradise, bit its as much a part of ‘the real Bali’ as the rice paddies and cliff-top temples, and its not touristy – you can still catch a dokar (pony cart) to get around in some parts of Denpasar.”