Interview with Yani at La Cabana in Kuta Bali

Name: Yani
Age: 25
Staff La Cabana in Kuta
How long in Bali: 10 months

La Cabana restaurant isl ocated at the end of Jl. Benesari and Jl. Pantai Kuta ( the beach). While sipping a beer on friday afternoon I talked to a member of staff named Yani. She was very interesting and told me she is from Kalimantan. According to her she can speak, Kalimantan, Javanese, Balinese (high and low caste), Indonesian, Arabic and English. Formerly married to an Aussie in Kalimantan, Yani told me her father is Catholic, her mother is Muslim and she became a Buddhist like her husband. Interesting household.
Here’s what Yani had to say.