Interview with Mickey at YouthNAsia on Jl. Benesari Kuta

Name: Mickey
Age: 25
Sales staff in surf shop
How long in Bali: Born in Bali

Walking along Jl. Benesari, past Brasil towards the beach this afternoon I saw a new place open. Tucked away at the little corner across from The Balcony, there was a French owned place called Captain Haddocks. They closed several months ago and new bright and shiny place has sprung up. This new joint is a surf shop called YouthNAsia, which makes sense as its 100 meters from the beach.
The thing that caught me eye was their sign which said ‘Surf drug store’. I know what kind of drugs surfers like, but couldn’t believe a shop would be selling it. Inside I interviewed Mickey, the counter staff. He told he was a pretty good surfer and no doubt is grateful to work in a surf shop.
Here’s what Mickey had to say.