Interview with Ketut from the Bali Times

Friday afternoon I arranged to meet reporter Ketut from the Bali Times. Our interview was scheduled for 3pm at Santa Fe on Jl. Dhyana Pura in Seminyak. Santa Fe is always empty at that time and we had space to sit back and relax. Strangly one of the staff sat with us and was right in on the whole thing.

I was contacted a few days by staff at BT to do an interview. I agreed and decided to spring and interview on whoever showed up. Ketut is a young guy who has worked at BT for 3 weeks. He’s pretty keen and had a small tape recorder similar to the one I used to use. Reading from a sheet of typed questions, Ketut asked my questions about myself, Baliblog and blogging in general. I tried to give full and interesting answers, pulling in ideas from my past and recent experiences. As the end of the interview drew near, Ketut’s recorder went ‘click’.
He had pressed ‘play’ instead of ‘record’. “Sorry” he said “Can we do the interview again?” What can you do in these situations other than knuckle down and do the thing again. So off we went.
My interview with him lasted 2 minutes, boom boom.
Check out the Bali Times if you get a chance. It come out weekly and has a website.