Idul Adha: A special day for Muslims in Indonesia

Ika told me that today is a special day for Muslims in Indonesia. I did a short interview with her to learn why. The occassion is Idul Adha and it originates from the Quran. Killing a sheep for a feast is a signature of this day. I’ll probably not take part, although I’m into the food part. Today is a national holiday, so banks and government buildings are closed.

I have been trying to call the British Consulate today and it was also closed. For tourists visiting Bali, the party scene never closes (apart from Nyepi Day) so Idul Adha won’t affect your holiday. Ika told me that many of the Muslim vendors, selling satay, bracelets etc. will take the day off today.
Here’s what Ika had to say about Idul Adha.