Meeting Terry and Michelle in Seminyak Bali

Sunday afternoon I was upstairs on my machine when I heard a loud male outside my bedroom door. Looking for something sharp, I fould nothing, but opened the door anyway to see Terry from Melbourne. He is back in town on a flying visit, taking a break from Australia. We took a stroll down to Puri Cendana hotel at the bottom of Jl. Dhyana Pura, where the streetsdie Cin Cin restaurant is located. They have a cute little pool and the staff let me swim there if I buy things.

Its been months since my body had been in water (its been wringing wet with sweat and in the shower, but not anywhere esle) and it was great to jump in. Terry is living the life of a single man, enjoying meeting people, not having a pre-set schedule and making new plans on the spur of the moment.
While we were there Michelle Fargas from the US came in. Michelle is on a short vacation and had just done a trip to Amed and Ubud. She loved Amed and had for me, including a great restaurant out there called Sama Sama. Michelle waited a few days fro her luggage to arive and when it did someone had ripped of half of it! That could of happened in LA or Bali, we don’t know. Anyway she was in pretty good spririts and told us she spent New Years with the famous Simon, of Simon’s Art Zoo. Amazing who you run into.
Michelle was kind enough to bring me some wine from Oregon. It called Domain Serene and is from the Willamette valley where I used to live. Terry and I ended up at Trattoria on Jl. Oberoi. The place was packed and the food was good.