Massage & Cookery Classes in Lovina

Visitors to the north coast of Bali may be interested in other things than sitting on the beach and taking dolphin watching tours. A couple of easy side-options are having a massage or taking a cookery course.

One of the better spas in Lovina is the Aramin Spa (formerly the Lovina Spa Wellness & Healing) (0362)27297, located at the main road and Jl. Mawar, which has a range of treatments.

1 hour massage 95,000rp
Mandi lulur 2 hours 185,000rp (traditional Balinese flower bath).
Mandi rempah 2 hours 185,000rp (bath with spice and spice scrub).
Facial 45 mins 70,000rp.
Head massage 45 mins 70,000rp .

Lee’s Beauty Care located above Bali Apik restaurant near Jl. Bina Ria, also does a selection of services including hair treatments, facials, manicures and pedicures. Many hotels in Lovina can also arrange for a massage therapist to come to your hotel room. Ask the reception what the cost is.

Cooking courses
Taking a cooking course can be afun way to learn about Indonesian vegetables, spices and
sauces as well as interacting with a Balinese local chef. Typically these courses are half-day, include a trip to the local market and culminate with lunch.

Adjani located on the main road in Kaliasem, (125,000-175,000rp).

Barakuda restaurant located on Jl. Mawar teaches you to prepare a 4 course meal (75,000-85,000rp) or a 7 course meal (120,000-150,000rp).

Warung Bumbu Pemaron (0362)27080 300,000rp. Starts with 8am market trip, followed by class at 9.30am. Lunch can be eaten and students receive a recipe and certificate.

Putu’s Cooking (08133 856 3705)
125,000rp 7-8am – lunch.