Kuta restaurants: Apache reggae bar

Just like Raja’s on Jl. Legian, I have passed by the Apache restoran and bar more times than I can remember. I have always been dubious about eating establishments that are a part of a club, but it was worth a gecko I thought. Sure am glad I did.

The Apache fronts onto Jl. Legian and is next door to Raja’s restoran. Its quite a complex – a spacious restoran, a good-sized bar, Reggae club and a new nightclub upstairs. Candika and I rocked in there around 7.30pm and already there were quite a few people there scoffing away and obviously enjoying the tucker.

We sat, as we always do, in Mr Al Fresco’s area and ordered our drinks before perusing the menu. The Apache has a very pleasant atmosphere and it was delightful watching the streams of tourists walk by. An extensive menu made it hard to choose from. The usual fare but with added specialty touches – seafood and pizzas, great list of steaks, Indonesian and Chinese as well as a small but yummy Balinese selection and a good mexican listing.

The Wombat was still in the ‘briny’ mood. I ordered Fish Vera Cruz and to my stomach’s delight, it was far-out yummy and moorish. A Tuna steak as big as my palm and just as thick covered in a very spicy sauce mixture of sambal, chopped spanish onions, tomatoes and a variety of veggies. Instead of the nasi putih, I opted for the french fries and they looked more like slabs of potatoes. Absolutely mouth-watering. I tell ya, when I inished licking the plate, I wanted more but my stomach went on strike.

Candika wasn’t feeling too good and so settled for a small dish of Enchiladas. Wow, did she get a surprise!. Three decent sized enchiladas with masses of cheese and tabasco sauce. Candika ain’t one to pay too many compliments and especially regarding food foreign to her pallete, but ill or not, she ploughed into her tucker with glee!. Oh no, I’ve converted her into a Mexicana bandito (or is that banditoress?).

Fish Vera Cruz – Rp29,000
Enchiladas – Rp21,000

The Apache restoran is open to all hours. It is also open for breakfast and their prices are extremely reasonable in comparison with other restoran.

Food: 4.5
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 4

Location: Apache Restoran,
Jl. Legian,

Article by Barrie Lie Birchall