Day trip to Batur Crater Bali

Exploring the Batur crater area of Bali can be rewarding for those with a little time on their hands. Coming from the Kuta area you have a choice of routes to get to NE Bali, 5 main ones to be exact accessing the rim of Gunung Batur via Catur, Tegallalang, Tampaksiring, Bangli and Klungkung. The route chosen will itself afford a different view of Bali. The coastal route out of Kuta, via Sanur and Klungkung is fast and will offer you seas views, succeeded by stunning forest scenery as you approach the southern side of the Batur crater.

The route through Ubud / Tegallalang includes view of scul[ptured rice terraces and country villages as does the route through Catur, complete with the new bridge spanning a river valley.

Sayan / Payangan to the Batur crater is virtually a straight shot, getting you the crater in 2-2.5 hours from Kuta.

Passing through sweeping green scenery, rising to the crater rim, one will notice the cooler temperatures, which will be a pleasant change from the coastal heat. These higlhand ara are often cloudy and seems dull, but on a sunny day theri beauty is revealed and one feels likew lingering and taking a few photos. Arrivng at the Batur crater you may be stopped by ticket sellers asking for a toll to use the road along the crater rim. This is somewhat lax and a good head of speed can take themn by surprise, espexialy if its raining and they are under cover.

The crater rim at Batur features several large sclarew tourist restaurants mostlu overpriced buffets. Still if you are in need pof a hot drink and a full belly, this place will do. Penelokan (‘the place to look’) is the high density restaurant area. In Penelokan you will great views of Gunung (Mt.)Batur and Danau (lake) Batur as well as a souvenir market and the Lakeview hotel.

After a spot of lunch you may like to visit one of the 2 impressive temples on the crater rim, Pura Ulun Danu Batur or Pura Tegeh Koripan. People needing to get back to Kuta in a hurry can do this and make their trip more interesting by taking an alternative route down the mountian. For example if you can through Tegallalang, arriving on the crater rij between Kintamain and Penelokan, you mightl ight to enjoy the unspolit forest view of the southerrn side of the4 lake going back. This is acghived by driving south to “penelokan and taking the sharp left turn before the road heads down hill.

People who enjoy hiking may like to explore the northern end of the Batur crater. This is accessed by heading north along the western edge of the crater, continiuing straight north at Pura Tegeh Koripan. You then follow this road around and bear right, folloowing wonderfull forewsted land and arriving at a small village naked Balndingan. Simply park and head up to the pinnacle of the crater rim, following io around easterwards. With a couple of liters of water and some food one could enjoy a picnic with simultanoues views of the north coast and Lake Batur visisble.

Tips for taking a trip to the Gunung Batur area:
Take a sweater, sunhat, map. The place may look dull on a cloudy day, particuluarly Kintamani. However 5 mnutes north of there is lovely scenery. This is often the case with Bali, locals erecting ugly cement structures that obscure what outsiders dream of. One good way to break up a road trip in Bali is to take small rest stops, which can be impromtu snacks, drinks or meals at warungs, restaurants or road side places that take your fancy. A steaming hot kopi Bali or nasi goreng may be all it takes to put the wind in your sails.