Visiting Bali during the low season

bali-beachBali is an incredible vacation destination and there are a lot of reasons to visit the place. Many choose it as a romantic honeymoon destination, while others prefer to explore nature or the culture.

Part of the traveling experience is finding interesting places to eat, drink or spend the night dancing. What you can consider weird, might just be interesting for another traveler but one thing is sure, Bali is home to one of the weirdest bars around the world . The Rock Bar is perched above the Indian Ocean, offering perfect views and excellent drinks. There’s an outside elevator which takes clients from the top of the rock to the bar but you can also take the stairs. It’s definitely a good choice if you want to make an impression (or want to brag to the friends back home, of course).

During the low season (September to December and February to June) you’ll be able to find cheap(er) hotels and airfare and many resorts offer excellent deals to attract customers.

When looking for Bali airfare , start with the airlines serving the airport (25 in total). But remember that you’ll most likely need to connect somewhere in Asia or Australia and then head to Bali. And if you don’t mind spending time in airports, connecting flights are typically cheaper than direct flights. Fly mid-week in order to avoid the weekend peak traffic (regardless of the time of the year) and you’ll save some more money.

It’s not hard to find cheap hotels in Bali regardless of when you travel but during the low season, you can stay closer to beach (or even on the beach) at affordable prices. And if you manage to find a good deal at one of the resorts, you’ll be able to afford services which during the high season are definitely of the reach of any budget traveler.