Hotels on Kuta Beach

Surprisingly enough, it is easy to find a hotel on Kuta beach that meets all your hotel requirements, as well as your price range. The area offers everything from hotels, to private villas, to luxury hotels. Below is a showcase of a few of our favorite hotels, as well as reviews of other popular hotels on Kuta Beach. If you have any suggestions or comments on these Kuta beach hotels, let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Hotel Santika Beach

Hotel Santika Beach is located right along the beach in South Kuta. This beautiful location is housed for world class service with its incomparable comfort. The hotel is located within acres of lively tropical gardens, and is sure to be a getaway from your everyday life. This wonderful hotel features over one hundred seventy rooms, including bungalows and suites. The suits are spacious and comforting to accommodate the leisure traveler. The suite rooms are isolated behind private gates, and are built around an exclusive pool and garden.

All of the rooms have air conditioning, with the essential room accessories such as the mini bar, coffee maker, and hair dryer. All rooms are equip with satellite TV, and in-house video channels. Hotel Santika Beach also offers baby sitters, for when you want to spend some time alone with your spouse. Laundry and dry cleaning service is available for your use, along with a multi-lingual hotel staff for any of your questions. At the hotel, there is a souvenir shop and drugstore, for anything that you may have forgotten to pack. The hotel is located right on the beach, and water sports are available for the visitors, such as water skiing. With a total of three swimming pools, and a beach to relax on, the Hotel Santika Beach is an excellent location for your vacation getaway.

Ramayana Resort and Spa

Right in the heart of Kuta is the Ramayana Resort and Spa. It has its own secluded location, and easy access to the city life for your vacation styles. They offer six different types of rooms for you to choose from, and range from superior rooms, to family rooms. All of the rooms in the Ramayana Resort are fully furnished and decorated to make you feel at home. The superior rooms are located behind the pool area, and feature the use of local volcanic rocks in the buildings. Other rooms that are available to you, are the deluxe, poolside, executive, and resort club rooms.

Taking a family on vacation can be difficult and expensive, but at the Ramayana Resort they make it easy for families to have accommodations. It is definitely easier for families in spacious rooms. Unlike other hotels, the Ramayana Resort has a king size bed, and two single beds all the family rooms. For entertainment at the resort, there is a shopping arcade, and also a mini market on the first floor. For meals, choose from room service, or one of the three restaurants and bars available to you. If you’re going on a vacation you will never want to forget, stay at the Ramayana Resort and Spa for a wonderful experience.

The Vira Bali Hotel

Situated on the Karika Plaza street, is the Vira Bali Hotel. The Vira Bali Hotel is a world class hotel with it excellent mix of local culture. The Vira Bali Hotel is in a great location, with easy access to the city, and to the local international airport. All facilities are specially designed with a touch of local culture. The designs and decorations around the hotel will leave you in a comforting and relaxing mood. To fit in with being a part of the locals, over seventy percent of its friendly staff is local, and will have you feeling like you are a part of their community.

The feeling and vibe you get in this hotel will be like no other. With its inspiring artwork and culture, along with its friendly staff, it will make you a part of one big family on your vacation. Meals at the restaurant are available, featuring their hotel restaurant that serves local and international menus. If you were staying on business, the Vira Bali Hotel is just the place. With its giant U-shaped meeting room, it is just like a real boardroom. The Vira Bali Hotel’s accommodations, with its rich mix of local culture will be the sure spot to spend the days of your vacation.

Inna Kuta Beach

Situated next to the Kuta Art Markets in Kuta, is the Inna Kuta Beach. The four star Inna Kuta Beach Hotel is in an excellent location for travelers, because it is within walking distance of Kuta attractions in the city. The Inna Kuta Beach hotel offers over one hundred thirty rooms in a variety of different settings. With its Wing Rooms and Bungalows all surrounding a swimming pool area. In the swimming pool area, there is a full size pool, and also a children’s pool. With a peaceful garden environment there is a tennis court, children’s playground, and a massage treatment, the Inna Kuta Beach hotel offers everything to keep you relaxed.

When choosing from the one hundred thirty rooms, you can choose the Bungalow standard, Bungalow suite, standard, superior, junior suite, and Executive suite rooms. The Executive suites offer an individual balcony or terrace, overlooking the pool area. The Inna Kuta Beach hotel is in a great location for any traveler, and is right in the city for a special touch of culture. Located right next to the beach, the Inna Kuta Beach hotel is an excellent location to watch the beautiful sunsets. The tropical garden, along with the hotel’s atmosphere makes you feel like you are right at home.