Warung Pama: Kuta

Carrying on with my determined effort to bring you info about value-for-money places to eat, I have come across a warung that oddly enough I have walked past countless times but only given the place a passing glance. However, it was Candika who pulled me to a halt as we walked from Poppies Lane 2 to Poppies Lane 1 along Gang Ronta earlier today. Located on the corner of Gang Ronta and Gang Sorga, Warung Pama is one of those warungs that has everything on offer for the traveller with a menu that is full of yummy, global delights. I say ‘global’ because the menu offers such a diverse range of food that it was a pleasant surprise and made a change from the usual run-of-the-mill warung menus. Actually, I never perused the menu properly at first and it wasn’t until I ordered my dish from the Indonesian section that I continued reading what was on offer.

Candika, however, was much more thorough. To give you an idea, Warung Pama offers a superb selection of Indonesian and European food far beyond what you will find in other warungs. Their Pizzeria and Pasta choices are so varied that it has you drooling just reading what’s on offer. Even better is the Steak House choices as well as those from the Grilled Seafood selection. The surprise was that after all that there is a massive selection of Thai foods including soups. Add to that the selection of Indian food that includes most of the delights available in the warungs of India, and, the great selection of dishes from Holland then you really have a place worthy of parking your rear end and imbibing in some good tucker. Did I mention the great Dessert section? A tasty selection of calorie enhanced delights and a must have after a good meal. Warung Pama is a small, clean and comfortable place that has excellent and friendly service.

I thoroughly enjoyed my choice of Grilled Tuna in Garlic Butter sauce (Rp20,000) was absolutely delicious. A thick tuna steak served with pan-fried fresh vegetables and decent sized kentang goreng with a small bowl of garlic butter sauce was simply Moorish. Candika decided to choose from the European section and ordered Garden Blue, as she puts it. My better half still hasn’t got her tongue around French words and as you can guess Candika ordered Cordon Bleu (Rp25,000). I was surprised at the large portion put before her. The thick slices of chicken with beautiful pieces of ham interwoven inside and stuffed with herbs had Candika licking her lips. On top of this was melted a nice portion of very tasty cheese. This delightful selection was served with pan-fried fresh vegetables and kentang goreng. Top all that off with a couple of glasses of very cold iced-teas and you have a great meal.

Warung Pama is open early for breakfast and the menu is a sight sure to please the appetites of any big eater. I give Warung Pama four stars out of five for being such a great place to eat and five out of five for the fabulous menu.

Warung Pama
Gang Ronta