Warung Made Bamboo Bar & Restoran

Every time I visit Bali there are always new places opened for business and of course there are those that have closed down for some reason or another. We were out looking around the local markets on Jalan Melasti the other day and whilst Candika was perusing the clothes available looking for a bargain I decided to take a walk. I didn’t get far as I noticed a new place that had opened opposite called Warung Made Bamboo Bar & Restoran. Being a naturally curious person I ventured over for a coldie and a look at the menu. I had a short conversation with one of the guys inside and he told me the place had only been open for four months and was doing a good trade. I was astounded at the excellent menu which featured not only the usual Indonesian and European foods but also German and Swiss tucker. So impressed was I with the great prices, Candika and I returned that night for makan malam (dinner).

The place is relatively small in comparison with other restorans in the area but this is good in my opinion as it evokes a cosiness that is an excellent atmosphere for imbibing in delicious food and indeed it was. My choice for the night was Nasi Campur Bali (Rp25,000), a delightful potpourri of spicy foods. The Tempe and Tahu Goreng were cooked to perfection as was the chicken. The sambal was like a fire-burst in the throat but was soon soothed by the soft nasi putih. Candika decided on Bihun Goreng (Rp14,000), fried noodles with pan-fried vegetables and chicken. I gathered by her delightful expression that she found it enjoyable! Wash all that down with ice-cold tea (Rp9,000) and you have a meal fit for a king, so to speak.

The restoran is super-clean and the staff very friendly giving top class service. Candika and I will definitely return again to imbibe in some more delicious tucker and I give the restoran four stars out of five.

Warung Made Bamboo Bar & Restoran
Jalan Melasti 4,
Tel: 081 6472 3204