The Statues of Tabanan

Tabanan is just like any other large town that you would pass through on your day trips in Bali. You take a glance here and there, pass a few comments to friends about what you see or, just look ahead waiting to arrive at your destination. When you travel to the west of Bali or travel north to Gunung Batakau and even certain areas in west-central Bali then you will pass through Tabanan. It’s dusty in the dry season and seems to get very hot but if you look carefully then you will be aware of an enchanting place worthy of a stopover. What I like about the town are the numerous statues, some in plain view and others seemingly hiding on the side of the road. Tabanan is a bustling mini-metropolis with small industries and you will find a lot of the shops are Chinese owned which accounts for its numerous Chinese residents. The town was once a powerful kingdom in the 17th century and the town is famous for its gamelan.

One place worth a visit when you are in town is the Puri Tabanan, the ornate and traditional residence of the raja. Or if you want to venture further afield, then I would recommend a visit to the nearby town of Krambitan with its cattle markets and Pura Anyar. What is spectacular is you travel down to the coast at Klating Beach. Here you will find massive boulders lining the shores and spectacular surf albeit unsurfable.