The Night of Ogoh Ogoh

mini-ogoh2A lot of tourists plan their holiday so that they avoid the ‘day of silence’; Nyepi. It’s understandable because it is the day when they are not allowed out of their hotel or the place they are staying at and must avoid using rowdy noise or even lighting. So in effect, tourists see this a day out of their holidays. However, the night before Nyepi (and the day after) are great times to be in Bali and especially tonight because it is a night of wild revelry on the streets of Kuta/Legian and in fact, all over Bali. Over the past month or so the Balinese from the local banjars have been constructing large ogoh-ogoh floats or huge Papier Mâchè effigies. On the night before Nyepi these Ogoh Ogoh are proudly paraded through the streets and is quite a spectacle and one not to be missed. So, if you are in Bali for Nyepi then treat this day as one of your lay-days when you chill-out and relax around the pool or have a few drinks with friends.

If you are venturing out tonight to see the parade then the best spots are along Jalan Legian, Bemo Corner and along Jalan Kartika Plaza.

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