The Internet Outpost gets a New Home

When I first returned to Bali in 2003 after living in Yogyakarta for ten years I needed a good internet place from which to work and I found such a place at the Internet Outpost (photo left) on Poppies Lane 2. However, when I returned on this trip I was stunned to see that the Outpost had shut down and closed its doors. Now, I’m not one to get upset over trivial matters such as this but the Internet Outpost was my second home in Bali such was the amount of time I spent there. Yeah I know, there are tens of dozens of internet places around the area and believe me, they are opening up everywhere. It’s as if Bali is being invaded by alien internet-setter-uppers, but, they weren’t the same. There wasn’t the warmth of friendliness in these other places that you always received at the Outpost. However, a quick call to Meli, a good friend of ours and the supervisor of the Internet Outpost provided excellent news. The Outpost has been reborn almost directly across the road.

Open for business and doing a roaring trade, the Internet Outpost (photo right) is a refreshing and spacious place to relax, check your email, surf the net in the super-comfort of thick padded chairs, or even just meet friends and have a drink. The new Internet Outpost has all the services it previously had plus so much more. The 12 computer terminals each offer 512kbs right up to 1mb upload/download giving you fast efficient speed at your fingertips. What I particularly like is the introduction of Skype and although only 4 terminals have this, there are plans for six more making the Internet Outpost an even more attractable place to do your business. Webcam facilities are available on most terminals and there are two very luxurious chairs where you can bring your own laptop and surf the net in private. If those chairs are occupied then there are other places in the Outpost where you can do this also. If you need to download those special photos you just took around Bali then the Internet Outpost can do this for you with their CD and DVD burning service.

The other facilities available at the Internet Outpost are printing, scanning, a fax service, international phones when you need to connect with your home base, a mail and luggage service as well as storage facilities on offer for the traveller as well as excellent travel advice, information and services related to anything in Bali. The friendly folk at the Outpost will even inform you of any Balinese celebrations that might be occurring. While you are there select from the wide range of cold drinks available or get an ice-cold beer. If that is not your thing then there is hot chocolate and coffee. Without a doubt, the new Internet Outpost is the only place to go to check your email or related matters concerning the internet. It is far superior than those dingy and dirty internet places around the area. Drop in and have a chat with Meli, Dina or Surya and utilise the superb services of the new Internet Outpost. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.