Tanis Villas: Nusa Lembongan

Pick up any guidebook about Indonesia and it will tell you in the section on Bali that the island of Nusa Lembongan is a relaxed and less touristy place to visit and the waters are warm and crystal clear. The locals are warm and friendly and on an island with relatively few tourists, don’t be surprised to find yourself an un-crowded and white sandy beach that has a perfect surf break just off shore. These are not the only attractions. Lembongan Island is also renowned for its marine life and the diving and snorkelling are first-class.

Located only 25 kilometres of the east coast of Bali, it is a truly pristine tropical island. Scattered around the coastal area of the island are numerous types of accommodation and enough warungs and restaurants to please all visitors. One of the many place you could enjoy your stay on Nusa Lembongan is the Tanis Villas. According to their website, the villa layout is such that the environment is taken into consideration and the nine top-range units are exclusively sculptured to blend in perfectly. Tanis Villas also has six units standard villas, two units of two bedroom Villas and one Tanis Villas. Some are fan cooled and others air conditioned. Lush tropical gardens are the main view from all the villas. Tanis villas are equipped with marine sports facilities and a selection of beach front restaurants.

Getting There:

It takes about 30 minutes by a charter speed boat from Sanur-Bali or Tanjung Benoa and there is also a scheduled public boat available leaving Sanur at 8.00am. Ship Cruise leaves from Tanjung – Benoa is available with one day earlier booking.

The Tanis Villas
Mushroom Bay
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Photos Courtesy: Tanis Villas