Take a Walk through Jataluwih

The proposed world heritage site of Jataluwih is truly one of Bali’s gems. Tourists flock here for the stunning panorama of the sculptured, terraced rice fields framed by a hillside backdrop. Jataluwih is a perfect example of traditional rice farming and as pleasant as it is to visit, it is also better to enjoy the cool air by walking through the many paths joining the paddies. For me, this is the most enjoyable experience a person could experience and, especially late afternoon when the light winds tease the rich-green rice plant stalks and the cool mist descends from above the surrounding hillsides. If walking through the ricefields is not your thing, then a walk along the road leading from the old Café Jataluwih into the small village is just as beautiful. Most of the tourist buses have departed by mid-afternoon and this is the most serene time of all.