Stumble in Paradise

mini-downtown-kuta-231Although now the Balinese Government is replacing the well-worn gauntlet-run footpaths (foto left) in many areas of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Tuban, there are still those walkways you will come across as you explore the tourist strip. The old footpaths are definitely not body-part-friendly and numerous times over the decades I have gone crashing into oblivion or done a hilarious looking hop-skip-and jump trying to gain steadiness in my stride. These old footpaths are a definitive health hazard, without a doubt. Walking barefoot is a no-no but sandals are a favourite of these vicious old paths. They cherish in ‘grabbing’ the lip of your sandal! Alas the same occurrence if you wear sandshoes. So, what do you do? Tread bloody carefully!

The new paths that have been laid [and are being laid] are pleasant enough to walk along, but, when it rains then, shit! ‘Slippy’ is not the word for it. But to be fair, the roughened yellow-strip down the centre of the path allows one’s footwear to get some grip, but, what happens when the footpaths are crowded with jovial holidaymakers, as they are now. Inevitably I have found myself stepping off the footpath and out onto the road many times just to pass snail-pace wanderers. But, when the heavens are opening up and the rain is a torrent, then the road is a very dangerous place.