Photo of the Day: Jukungs at Amed

On the far east of the island of Bali you will find the quiet, sleepy fishing village of Amed. For centuries fishermen have enjoyed and fished the waters around the serene bay. It has fast become a favourite destination of budget travellers and divers alike. The waters off Amed teem with a myriad of fish species and these waters are not only popular with divers but also snorkellers. In fact the whole area is a water-lovers delight with a range of activities for travellers to enjoy. When I visited the area a few weeks ago I was particularly impressed with the jukung (local fishing boats) lining the shore. But this is not the only spectacular sight to see in this area. A long stroll along the black sandy beach will surely delight with so many wonderful sights like the vast array of birdlife. But, it is the fishermen and their jukungs putting out to sea that is immensely spectacular and not one to be missed and neither is their return with their boats loaded with the bountiful haul of fish.