Photo of the Day: Early Morning at Kuta Beach

Unfortunately Kuta Beach at the moment is not a good sight with a lot of crap washed to shore by the recent storms. The authorities do, however, have the matter in hand and are cleaning up the whole situation. I enjoy walking the one kilometre down to Kuta Beach early in the morning before breakfast because the beach is so quiet, so peaceful and the atmosphere pleasant. It is a time when the skies are relatively clear and the haze from the ocean mesmerising. It’s quite surprising just how many do get down there in the early hours before the tourist crowds arrive en masse. Here and there you will see vendors setting up on the beach for the day’s trade, people jogging and doing all manner of exercise. Kuta Beach early in the morning is a time to savour the taste of salt in the air and let the odours of the ocean fill your nostrils.