Photo of the Day: Centro Sunset

One of my many passions is clouds. I delight in their forms and colours. One thing I do possess is this uncanny knack of predicting rain and seldom been wrong. It would be a nice sunny day, the clouds wispy and yet by reading the cloud formations and smelling the air I know to the exact half hour when it will rain. This knack comes from living near the oceans most of my life. But, it’s this fascination with cloud formations that has blessed me with another knack and that of knowing when sunsets are going to be spectacular. The other night Candika and I were enjoying an iced Mocha coffee at the Black Canyon Café at the rear of the Centro Discovery Mall. Candika is used to me staring at the sky and I casually mentioned that the sunset would be stunning. The forward projecting clouds from an incoming storm formed in such a manner that I knew when the sun set below the horizon the colours would be stunning. I wasn’t wrong.