Photo of the Day: Candika

I have had a few emails from the readers of WhyGo Bali (previously Baliblog) asking just who is Candika and why don’t I post a foto of her. Truth is it didn’t really occur to me to do that. I have mentioned my Javanese wife so many times in articles recently and so I decided to post these fotos of her. The one opposite was taken on our recent road trip. Naturally she was chillin’ out whilst I was busy keeping an eye on the road. Talk about having good life! The foto below was taken at Alas Kedaton on our last visit to Bali. In the future when I write about Candika then you have a face to the name!

Candika is very passionate about the environment and the creatures that live on our planet and is always the first to make contact with animals every chance she can get, especially monkeys!