Photo of the Day: Breakfast at Pasar Adat

Friends and fellow travellers often ask me how Candika and I eat so cheaply when in Bali or other places in the Indonesian Archipelago. I have only two words for them – eat local. I realise a majority of tourists and travellers opt for the ‘safety’ of a well-known warung or restoran for their breakfast but truly, eat local and you will not only enjoy the traditional foods of Bali but also you won’t be spending all your money on flash restorans. Don’t get me wrong here. Candika and I are not penny-pinchers it’s just that after decades of travelling this fascinating archipelago we have both become accustomed to the foods of the island whether it is the kaki lima (food carts), night markets or traditional markets. Of course we do patronise warungs and the occasional restoran but that is more to do with giving you the reader’s of WhyGo Bali information about these places for your next visit to Bali.

The one place we both like early in the morning is the Pasar Adat (foto left above) on Jl Raya Tuban near Bemo Corner. It is a hive of activity and the array of traditional foods available is amazing and each delicious in its own right. Take for instance this morning’s scrumptious morsel. Wrapped in a banana leaf was nasi kuning, mie goreng, kering tempe, ayam sambal and srundeng. And the cost, only Rp3,000.