Petal Creations: Kuta

During a visit to Bali a few years ago I was in awe at a petal arrangement (photo left) that I came across when Candika and I visited the Matahari Department store in Kuta Square. Subsequent visits to the store over the next couple of months had me viewing different arrangements, each more outstanding than the previous one. So impressed with these stunning creations I made further enquiries regarding this floral artist with so much talent. Success was not mine those years ago.

However, during a visit there the other day I was fortunate enough to meet the very creator of these magnificent pieces of floral art. A shy and reserved man who was coy in giving me his name, I was stunned to learn he was only a cleaner at the Matahari Department store. For a good hour we talked whilst his steady nimble fingers laid each flower petal gently into place on top of the water in the large bowl. Seriously, this guy is a genius and with an eye for dimension and form he works without a written pattern or plan but creates simplistically and smiles continuously. Such a combination is truly harmony in creativity. Each day this man of extreme artistic flair creates a fresh delight and the best time to see this genius at work is around 11.00am in the morning. It amazed me as I watched the ‘petal man’ at work to see so many tourists walk by giving these creations a mere casual glance.

Here are a few more of his creations: