Orphanages in Bali

mini-orphanOn my travels around the world and in particular Indonesia I have come across numerous children begging on the streets or with nowhere to go for food or shelter. Most of these children are orphans, a child whose parents are dead or a child who has been deprived of parental care and has not been adopted. The majority of tourists merely give them a cursory glance or dismiss their pleas for help. After the 2002 bombing in Bali many children were left orphaned and for many years the plight of Bali’s physically and mentally handicapped and orphaned children was ignored. But, thank to the dedication of charitable organisations, individuals and groups orphanages were built to reach orphan children, children from poor families and who needed a place to live, obtain an education, receive good health care, food, and also their daily needs. These orphanages are located all over Bali.

When you travel to Bali for that holiday ensuring you respite from the ratrace of the modern world, give some thought to the orphans of Bali. You don’t have to donate a chunk of cash [although it would be greatly appreciated]. Think about buying a few toys, educational material or even clothes. Okay, so you are thinking right now that all that extra luggage will put you overweight at the airport check-in. Wrong! The smart thing to do is pack it in a cardboard box, mark it ‘Orphanages Bali’ and you will find that most airlines are quite accepting and allow the passage of the item free of charge.

The nicest thing you can do when you visit Bali is to go to one of these orphanages, take some food (bags of rice, vegetables etc). pens and paper or even books. Whatever you consider a child needs. Spend some time with the caregivers of these orphans and the children themselves and I can guarantee that you will be moved to do more to help. Here is a link from an organisation that does wonders in Bali called Children of Bali or, clink on the link to the list of the orphanages to find the one nearest to where you are staying.


Photo Credit: picasaweb.google.com