Mie Bandung: Denpasar

A lot of people don’t like Denpasar but I find it a fascinating and historical place to walk around, wander through the traditional markets, chat with the locals and imbibe in some food at one of the hundreds of warungs that can be found in this amazing city. Jl Teuku Umar is renowned for eateries ranging from simple warungs to restorans. It’s not only this street in Denpasar, there are a plethora of warungs and restorans as well as the kaki lima that ply their wares along the smaller streets and gangs across this beautiful city. The other day Candika, Meli from the Internet Outpost and I went to a small warung renowned for its Chinese food – Mie Bandung. A clean warung, it serves an array of delicious food traditionally cooked in the open-air kitchen located beside the warung. There is so much to choose from on the menu and so we decided to order a few dishes and help ourselves, each of us choosing a selection.

Being a fish lover it was only natural that I chose Gurami Asam Manis (Rp40,000). A large gurami baked in sweet n’ sour sauce and covered in fresh pan-friend vegetables. Candika was more ‘down to earth’ and chose the Cap Cai Goreng (Rp21,000), stir fried chicken and vegetables in a delicious sauce with just the right amount of salt and soy sauce. Meli selected Sapo Tahu, a Javanese bean curd dish stirred with chicken and a bumbu sauce. Naturally the two requisites for a fine meal such as this were Nasi Putih (Rp2,000) and a hot and spicy sambal. Wash all this down with some icy-cold tea and you have a splendid meal fit for a king, so to speak. Mie Bandung is a popular place not only with locals but also an attraction for those outside off the city. Sunday is an especially busy day for the proprietor. I am going to give Mie Bandung a five out of five for great food and service.