Lombok International Airport Completed Soon

mini-lombok3In what I see as a giant boost to the island’s floundering tourism and in fact, to the islands in East Nusa Tenggara, will be the completion of a new international airport in Central Lombok located in the village of Tana Awu. For a long time now Lombok has been playing second fiddle to its sister island of Bali that is presently enjoying tourism en masse. In actual fact, I have preferred the peace and quiet of Lombok compared to the hectic way-of-life in Bali. At one time, the then proposed airport, had a lot of tourists worried because there were rumours that all airlines would fly directly to Lombok meaning tourists would have to board another flight to Bali. The rumour mill is quite in that respect, for now. However, this new access addition to East Nusa Tenggara will surely open up Indonesia for tourists and travellers wishing to visit other islands.

I was surprised to read in the Bali Discovery that the international airport in Lombok when completed will cover an area of 551 hectares, an area twice that of Bali’s international airport and will be able to handle 1 million passengers each year. For those of you who are yet to visit this fantastic island, you are in for a relaxed treat. Forget the hustle and bustle and be prepared for a lay-back holiday and, an introduction to a different culture and stunning scenery. My advice to anyone contemplating a visit or extended stay in Lombok is to hire a vehicle and drive around. The roads are relatively good, the people super-friendly and a must-see is the towering volcano of Gunung Rinjani. The religion in the eastern half of the island is predominately Muslim. Handicraft villages abound right across the island and Lombok has some of the best diving and surfing to be found anywhere.

Photo Credit: www.bugbaby.info