Kuta Seaside Food Center

Located on Jalan Pantai Kuta this food center is a refreshing addition to the already massive amount of restorans and warungs in Bali. I drove past the place when I first arrived on the island and the establishment instantly piqued my interest. I am a great lover of ‘food courts’, pasar malam or whatever you like to call a collection of vendors plying their wares, so to speak. Basically there are several food vendors all thrown together in this one outdoor/indoor area and each selling the speciality of the region from across the archipelago. Predominately there are several Balinese food stalls and if you are yet to sample authentic Balinese food then give this place a try.

When you first enter the open courtyard you are virtually assailed by waiters flashing menus under your nose in an attempt to get you to eat at their establishment. Just ignore them and wander around as Candika and I did before we met this waiter from Daun Pantai Asia restoran. Hailing from East Java it was a good chinwag but decided to have a drink and peruse the interior of the premises as we sipped ice-cold tea with cinnamon. Our newly found friend had a nice selection on his menu but I knew what I was after and he didn’t have it much to his dismay. I must admit he was a good saleman!

Candika and I wandered outside and I finally found what I was looking for – Fuyunghai. A dish that is mostly found outside of Bali on the other islands like Java, it is very much like a large open omelette with chicken and vegetables mixed in and then covered with a spicy and tangy sauce. It’s almost imperative that this dish is accompanied with nasih putih and I thought it was good value at Rp20,000. Candika decided on Kwetiew, a delicious dish comprising a large noodles pan-fried with spices and vegetables and, at Rp20,000 also, I thought this was also good value. Unfortunately the wind picked up a tad too brisk and the rain started but we moved inside to finish our meal.

This food center gets very busy at night and it’s understandable with such great prices and value for money servings. There is a plethora of vendors to choose from including masakan Jakarta, masakan Borneo, Java, Indian and Thai. There is also a kebab and felafel vendor, one that serves crispy duck and, if you get thirsty then there are a few drinks vendors serving some awesome juices.

Kuta Seaside Food Center
Jl Pantai Kuta (next to Gang Poppies 1)

Open: Seven days a week until late.