Kebab Palace: Tuban

mini-img_3884I was munching on a martabak (a thin fried Arabian pancake filled with meat, egg and vegetables) the other day and I was reminded of a place Candika and I went to not so long ago called Kebab Palace located on Jalan Kartika Plaza in Tuban, not far from the Kuta Markets and a stone’s throw from the Discovery Mall. Although the do not serve the originally from Arabian Martabak, they do serve epicurean delights that are quit similar – Turkish and Greek food. If you have never tried the food from this region of the world then you are in for a pleasant surprise. What I liked about the Kebab Palace was you can dine inside the establishment or, dine alfresco and enjoy the balmy Bali nights. If you are feeing a tad lazy and want to chill-out by the pool then there is a delivery service to you hotel.

Their menu is astounding and reads like an epicurean what’s-what of Turkish and Greek food and, at a reasonable price. Kebab Palace has an excellent array of dips and one of my favourites is tzatziki (yogurt, cucumber, dill and garlic). Their souvlaki rolls (similar to martabak) are delicious and reasonably priced at Rp23,000 but you get your money’s worth. Other mouth-watering delights include Tabouleh, Donner and Shish Kebabs, Falafels and a nice selection of pilav ustu. If you are looking for a reasonably priced place to enjoy some tucker from another country and give the ol’ fried rice a miss, then head on down to Kebab Palace. Truly, you will not be disappointed.

Kebab Palace,
Jl Kartika Plaza Kuta Center,

Tel: (0361) 758075