Enjoy a Camel Safari in Bali

mini-camel-action1a1For some reason camels don’t like me! I rode on one in my youth in Egypt on my travels and a few years ago along Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia. The latter camel ride was delightful and restored my faith in these ships-of-the-desert. If it takes your fancy to be astride one of these beasts and take a ride along the beaches in Bali whilst watching a golden sunset then Bali Camel Safaris can grant your wish. The company started in 1996 operating at Tanjung Benoa but now you will find them down at the stretches of Nusa Dua beach. You can take a ride on a camel along the white sands of Nusa Dua and revel in the nature around you and admire some of temples there.

To allay your fears, all the camels are trained to adapt to people and the surrounding environment and, there are professional camel handlers to take care of you. The priority of Bali Camel Safaris is the safety of the tourists and to that point, should anything occur, insurance is provided. Riding these camels is appealing to all ages and everyone is catered for. Check out their website for further details and bookings.

Website: www.balicamelsafaris.com/

For Further information and reservation please call:

Phone: +62 361 776 755, 7911 284 or 773 377 ext.215
Reservation 24 hours: +62 81 236 79 336