Canyoning in Bali

mini-canyonThere are a myriad of adventure activities on offer in Bali ranging from mountain climbing to white-water rafting and cycling. I have imbibed in some pretty adventurous activities on my travels in the archipelago over the decades but I must confess the adventurous activity of canyoning was not one of them. When we think of canyoning we conjure up images of people screaming as they are rushed down a fast-moving stream or river unaided and bouncing over slippery rocks and avoiding related hazards. No doubt if you searched hard enough on Bali you would find such waterways higher up in the mountains. The next best thing to it all is canyon tubing and the one company that excels in this is PT Bali Canyon Tubing Adventure.

North of Ubud at a place called Payangan there is a hidden canyon where the river flows at a fast pace and it is from here your adventure begins. Siting in a rubber tube being rushed downstream is my kind of adventure! The delightful aspect of this adventure is that you get the opportunity to view an untouched area of Bali in all its splendour.

Website: Balicanyontubing

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