A Durian Night

Last night our good friends Carl and Arti decided to surprise us with an Indonesian delight. It was just after 9pm when I heard Carl calling us from the balcony and when Candika and I went outside there they both were holding up a couple of large Durian fruit. Candika’s eyes lit up, my stomach turned and no way were they bringing that fruit into my place. So we all sat outside on the balcony chatting and munching whilst yours truly took photographs. Most of you who have travelled to Bali will have no doubt seen this large, spiky fruit for sale on the streets and in supermarkets. Durian is probably the most renowned fruit in South East Asia and is a fruit whose consumption has been banned in restaurants, on public transport and in fact, most places of business. When opened, it does give off a pungent odour, and when the fruit pods inside are opened, the odour is even stronger. The odour is something similar to that of super-sweaty socks combined with the rankest toilet you have ever been in. But, the fruit pods are so sweet and delicious and have a taste of apple custard.

A long time ago I tried Durian fruit but it wasn’t to my liking, however, I could eat Durian ice-cream until it comes out of my ears! Durian is not a fruit to everyone’s liking or tastebuds but do try it at least once just for the sheer experience. When in season you can buy Durian fruit at any traditional market or on the streets for around Rp25,000 each.