People are expecting a slim time in Seminyak Bali

The economic outlook for the short term in Bali isn’t good. Everyone knows this, but most of us are grateful for a violence free Christmas and New Years. According to the Jakarta Post people were out at cafes, bars and clubs all over the country, and were not put off by rumours of more trouble.

Seminyak is a little island of money as far as Bali is concerned. It has the highest concentration of foreigners living here as well as some of the best hotels, restaurants and nighltife. Balinese people working in this neighborhood are assured that money will continue to be spent. However I get the feeling that some people are gloomy about the next few months. Last night I walked down Jl. Seminyak to an Indonesian style restaurant for a bowl of soup. The waiter came and sat at my table. “Very bad New Years Eve for us.” he said. His place was open till 4am but had not many customers. I could of told him that people are not looking for an Indonesian restaurant on New Years, they are looking for a party. Anyway he goes on to tell me he doesn’t earn a lot of money and relies on his TIPS, he’s looking forward to better times when people will come and give TIPS, because without TIPS its hard to survive. I got the message.
The restaurant this guy worked at will not close, but he will just not earn as much as he would like. I’m sure people who have jobs in Bintang, Cafe Moka, Trattoria, Rumours etc. are feeling fortunate right now. The waitress at Cafe Seminyak, whose sister used to be the cashier at Raja’s (she was injured in the bombing) asked me if I had a cashier job for her sister. I don’t have any leads, but will keep my ears open.
Great time to bargain if you are coming to Bali. They need money and deals should be easy to find.