Nightlife in Kuta Beach

The nightlife in Kuta Beach, the the party capital of Bali, usually gets cranking well after dark. Here you will find plenty of music, festivities, partying, dancing, and action! The limitless number of bars, clubs and discos in Kuta mean you’ll be able to party to the early morning if you so desire.

Since Kuta is a popular tourist destination, you can expect to find plenty of “up scale” type bars and clubs. But those of you who want something a little less touristy won’t have too much trouble finding it. There is a little something for everyone here when it comes to nightlife.

Looking for something to do during the day? Checkout these day trips from Kuta Beach.

Maccaroni Club

One must experience the alluring, captivating live music at the Maccaroni Club! This electrical restaurant which is located in the center of Kuta is so alive it’s almost overwhelming! They are known for their very chic and stylish atmosphere, a broad menu that boasts the best Italian dishes, and dynamic and lively bar. One can dine in the luxury of the great outdoors, relaxing on the sidewalk watching the world go around you or choose the indoors for a personal and pleasurable meal. One would certainly enjoy the pleasure of seeing the ladies that dance with fire while enjoying a perfect meal.

Wayang Kulit Theatrical Show

After enjoying a nice meal, one should definitely visit the Wayang Kulit theatrical show that is an all night act lasting until the early morning. This show is boasted to be one of the most outstanding performances in Kuta, Bali. The show exhibits silhouettes dangling by strings, and low lit lamps to set the scene for a beautiful performance of spiritual mythology.

Hulu Café

For those with a wild mind and imagination, a must see is the Hulu Café. This is place that boasts to be the only gay bar in Bali and has nightly drag performances that are quite hilarious and most enjoyable for those who dare to visit.

Ku De Ta

One of the most stylish scenes in Bali is the Ku De Ta, located directly on the beach. This popular spot provides plenty of loud entertainment and a live DJ and appears to be the popular place to be seen for the people in Bali! Close in the running, challenging the popularity of the Ku De Ta, is the Sunset on Six (SOS) which is located on the sixth floor of the high scale Anantara resort. Here one can also view the exquisite sunsets of Bali from the roof.

Obsession World Music Bar

Another great place to have a drink and enjoy some late evening is the Obsession World Music Bar which has some lively and loud music, is open all night long and delivers a great wine list and as well serving up a delightful menu of Japanese and Mexican foods as well as Italian pizzas! In the upper floor of the music bar is a quiet and peaceful wine lounge for a more relaxed feeling.

Sky Garden

The Sky Garden is known to be a very popular spot and interesting place to visit. They have three stories that each introduces different lounge areas. On the first floor one will find a full service food arena with a bakery and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner any time of the day. On the second floor is a peaceful internet lounge that you can relax and have a drink, or work. The third floor is specifically for late evening dining and offers up a delightful assortment of foods. The top floor is a popular night dancing location that has electric laser shows and loud music to enjoy as you dance the night away.


One of the most favorite restaurants on Kuta Beach, Bali is also the oldest restaurant but keeps tourists and locals coming for more! Poppies maintains a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and serves delightful food! Poppies is more of a high class place, serving some of the best western and Indonesian foods in Bali.

Poco Loco

A favorite and often visited Mexican restaurant in Kuta Beach, Bali is the Poco Loco. This restaurant offers a large menu of mouth watering chicken dishes, fajitas, and seafood Mexican dishes that are sure to leave you happy and satisfied. The extremely large, open area in the restaurant is very colorfully decorated with brightly accessorized tables and the music is a delight. The large bar as well accommodates many diners and drinkers.

Kopi Pot Restaurant

A great spot for a quite but delightful sunny morning breakfast is the Kopi Pot restaurant. You can sit outdoors when the weather is nice and enjoy a full service breakfast. As well, one can enjoy an afternoon or evening beer and fun conversation.