Xmas in Bali

This Xmas and New Year in Bali promises to be one of the best on record with most of the major hotels already fully booked and a lot of nightclubs and restaurants having some kind of themed celebration. Bali is going to be super-busy. Already most of the major hotels are fully booked and in fact, 80% of all available hotel rooms in Bali have been booked for the coming Christmas and New Years period.

Already most of the major carriers have put on extra flights with Garuda adding over 10,000 more seats during this period to accommodate all the tourists wishing to experience the beauty of Bali during this festive time. It always pays to book ahead of time if you are wanting to spend Xmas with your family in Bali.

Over the Xmas and New Year, the major hotels as always put on the traditional Xmas dinner for their guests and on a majority of occasions this includes some kind of cultural show. The nightlife is a buzz also with most, if not all, nightclubs and bars having ‘themed’ nights.

Xmas and New Year in Bali is certainly a fabulous time in Bali for travellers and tourists alike with a family atmosphere prevailing. So, have a lovely Xmas and a delightful New Year and, enjoy!