Wedding in Bali

Bali is a place that makes memories. Having your wedding in Bali is something to consider, especially if you want to keep those pesky relatives away. What are the advantages of having a wedding in Bali?

Well first off you are in a new environment, a different culture and that makes the whole process seem like you’ve stepped into a special event. Second there is the cost, which can be a lot cheaper than in a western country. You have a wonderful selection of places to stay, hold the wedding and dine, ranging from the Four Seasons Sayan, to a small boutique hotel in East Bali. The color and culture give a wedding in Bali that extra something.
Planning a wedding in Bali and dealing with local conditions might seem off putting. Not to worry, there are companies that will take care of things for you. Two of these are Bali Paradise Weddings and Bali Weddings International.
As soon as the wedding is over, you are straight into the honeymoon mode. The cool aspect about a wedding in Bali is you can give your wedding party a chance to experience some new things. Little Tommy can try surfing, auntie Flo can try Balinese cooking, uncle Sid can get a massage, dad can drink half a gallon of tuak and get away with spending under $2. The list is endless.