UNESCO Considers World Heritage Sites in Bali

Being such a small island, Bali sure has a large amount of places that have natural beauty and historical significance. Antiquities abound. It is that time again when UNESCO selects places around the world for recognition as world heritage sites. Bali is not short on those and in fact three locations in Bali have been nominated for the prized status of being a world heritage site.

Having explored virtually every inch of the island in the past decades and visited practically every temple and antiquity, if it were up to me as a selector then there would be more than three. However, there are other sites in the archipelago of Indonesia that apparently warrant attention of the UNESCO selectors and indeed, this is understandable.

I wrote a series of articles on the temples and antiquities of Bali back in 2003 and you will find the URL’s listed below. Believe me there are many more apart from what I wrote but it will give you an idea of the fascinating places on the island of Bali.

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