Tsunami in Bali

When the Asian tsunami hit on Dec 26th 2004, I was in my parents house in London. On that day we didn’t know the scale of the destruction, but my mother asked me if Bali was okay. Bali was totally missed by the tsunami, due to the curvature of the archipelago. That does not mean that Bali couldn’t get hit with a future one. If the same fault line is responsible for the next tsunami, the south west coast would be the likely area. The areas of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Kerobokan, Canggu, Balian, Soka, Medewi, Negara would be affected. People living on the Buklit would probably be okay since most of the decent accommodation is on the cliff top.

Bali used to have mangrooves stretchnig from Benoa harbor to Sanur. Those have receded, but anyway a tsunami is not as likely to come from that direction.
Interesting to thnik what would happen if Bali did get a tsunami. Let’s hope we never get one. If I hear one coming I’ll run down to Santa Fe for that last Bintang besar.