Tourist Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing

mini-air_bali03.jpgA helicopter carrying tourists has been forced to make an emergency landing on the resort island of Bali. You see them all the time during the day, helicopters ferrying tourists on a bird’s eye view of the island. I have never actually had the desire to fly in one although I must admit I do harbor a desire to do so. Perhaps it’s the worry they might drop out of the sky!. It had to happen eventually and the Indonesian news website said the Bali Air helicopter was forced to land at Lebih Beach, in Gianyar, in the island’s south east about noon local time today. It wasn’t a helicopter crash but only an emergency landing. According to a Bali police spokesman AS Reniban said the five passengers, thought to be American and one Indonesian, escaped with only minor injuries. These were mostly bruises and suffering from shock.

Footnote:The foto does not depict the helicopter that made an emergency landing.