Threads of Life

The Indonesian archipelago occupies an esteemed place in the world of textiles. Peoples of this vast chain of islands use a wide variety of woven, embroidered and resist-dyed techniques to prepare fabrics of great ingenuity and beauty. – Indonesian Textiles: Michael Hitchcock .

More and more traditional textiles and their ritual use are disappearing, becoming endangered if you like, across the archipelago. Unless practices are handed down through generations then indeed their fate is cast. However, there is a couple, Jean and William Ingram, who have lived in Bali full-time since 1993, and now reside in Ubud who have forged a unique co-operation with Yayasan Pecinta Budaya Bebali in order to have these natural-dyed and handmade ritual textiles and their production survive. Threads of Life can be found in the centre of Ubud and is a place highly recommended for those lovers of Indonesian textiles. You can purchase textiles on the premises, watch the various techniques in the processing, or even get involved and sign up for one of the participation classes. The two hour class is an Introduction to Indonesian Textiles and the three hour class is an introduction to textiles and their use in Indonesian Culture.

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Threads of life
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