The Valley at Kekeran

There are countless spectacular rice-terrace views on the island of Bali and the most visited being Jataluwih in central Bali. Others would be at Sidemen, Ubud and Belimbing to name a few. Of course, we all have our favourite view and rave endlessly to our friends about it. Wherever you travel across Bali you will see endless patchwork verdant green ricefields and each one a photographers delight depending on the time of day and the light situation. On the road north of Pupuan I came across a great view. As you enter the Kapbupaten of Buleleng along the main Antosari to Mayong road there is a small village, Kekeran. Just off o the side of the road you will notice a small one table warung, hastily put together with a few old planks and sheets of iron roofing. It is owned by a cheery fellow, Nyoman. His wife is quick to sell you freshly cut Papaya, Mango, and Watermelon and the most delicious Krupuk Pisang, or sliced and fried banana. But it is the view from the mountain road that is the attraction.

Below in the valley expanse, a river winds its way through there, the terraced padi fields symetrically line the faces of the mountains and fields, emerald green and the sheaths of padi sway in the light breeze. From the warung you can see as far as ten kilometres and even the road you were just on to get to this point. Nyoman was telling me he has had this spot for five years and delights in meeting all the visitors who come to his plot of soil. It is a great place to stop for a rest, satiate your thirst and imbibe in some fresh fruit whilst being spoilt by the beauty before your eyes.